Well Diggin’ Up Records is quite simple. What you see is what you get. It’s a music blog ran by someone who really loves music and writing about it.

What it’s not: A place for you to promote your music. A place for traditional reviews and features. A place that pushes an agenda or political stance. A site that only focuses on one genre/type/style of music. A site that only focuses on new releases.

What I’m not: A critic. A reviewer. A music journalist. A cheerleader/PR person for your music (go hire somebody and stop asking music bloggers to do it for free. Us writers like to be paid to do work, just like anybody does).

What it is: A passion project and hobby that allows me to share my thoughts on music and to tell stories.

What I am: A storyteller. A music listener. A human being who has stuff going on beyond this blog, so don’t expect me to post daily (The way I see it is this: You don’t ask me for a post every day and I don’t ask you to read a post every day because you have stuff going on too. I don’t want to waste your time. Respecting each other’s time is a two-way street)

And please don’t let the above intimidate you! I’m not trying to come off as defensive, but simply trying to set proper expectations for you and myself. I’ve started and quit multiple blogs due to various reasons. I really would like to break the whole quitting cycle with this one. I want something that’ll stick around. Fingers crossed this is it!

I hope you enjoy what you read on this blog! I hope to see you in the comments, so we can interact with each other too! So please don’t hesitate to participate.

Be respectful and have fun! Follow the first and the second will come with ease. As always, thank you for reading Diggin’ Up Records! Have a nice day!

P.S. Yes, the name for the blog was inspired by Randy Travis’ “Diggin’ Up Bones.” It’s a great song from a great album!